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About Jocelyn Gauthier

Passionate About Inspiring And Helping Others

  • Founder Of Mental Health Awareness Life

  • Personal Development Life Coach

  • Content Creator

  • Writer & Editor 

  • Marketer (Digital & Traditional)

Jocelyn Gauthier was adopted from an orphanage in China at an early age. After losing her adoptive father when she was young, everything began to unravel; until eventually it fell apart completely. She had to make difficult decisions to overcome challenges that were holding her back and preventing her from being her own person. She learned how to forge her own path, and create the life she has today.  

In 2016 Jocelyn founded the Facebook Page: Mental Health Awareness Life (now over 100K followers) because she wanted to help break the stigma around mental health and wellness, while also letting people know each day that they are not alone. From there, she went on to create and run a Community Support Group for her page. With her page, she has had the privilege of having people share with her their stories, struggles, goals, and dreams. She has had the honor of helping and supporting some truly amazing individuals; many of whom have become some of her closest friends.

"Jocelyn has helped me so much! I never knew what it was like to have a friend who honestly cared for me before. She's done so much for me that I'm grateful for her every day. I can literally tell her anything and I never feel judged which is so great. Jocelyn's always there for me and I appreciate it so much. She and I relate so much which is great because that way I can get the help that I need and I don't feel alone. Many people should honestly talk to her and gain a great friendship with her! It will be such a great choice. She literally has changed my life and given me the hope that I have needed. I love you Jocelyn and everything you do for me!"

- Sara.S

Through both Jocelyn's personal, social, and work experience she has learned so many skills, tools, and approaches. She is proud to announce that she's combined everything she has learned so far to create refined and effective skills, systems, and strategies in her life coaching programs. With her experience, she does not shy away from difficult decisions, tough conversations, hard truths, and the challenges/changes that her clients encounter in both their personal and professional lives. 

"Jocelyn, you've truly helped me so much. You have helped me deal with / get through my mental health. I'm so thankful for you. You are the reason why I am still here. I have never met anyone that has truly helped me the way you do. I'm so thankful. You're saving lives" - Chardonney Singleton (Owner of Char's Brunch Boutique) 

As a writer, editor, and content creator, Jocelyn also has experience with digital and traditional marketing techniques and strategies. She has done a large variety of freelance work over the years for non-profits, influencers, businesses, authors, and educators. In her spare time, Jocelyn loves to read, listen to music, go on long walks in nature, learn new things, and spend time with her partner Patrick. 

If you're interested in or have any questions about Mental Health Awareness Life, Jocelyn's life coaching, writing, freelance work, marketing, or volunteer work please don't hesitate to reach out.  

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